Reaching for the top in access platforms

Established in Turku, Finland, in 1972, Jalo & Jalo is a family company specialising in access platforms. Our recent growth and M&As have made us the Nordics’ largest company renting truck-mounted lifts.

We operate nationwide in Finland, through eight branches. We also have a Swedish subsidiary, Stockholms Höjdliftar, which operates out of Stockholm. Our company employs 85 access platform professionals and our fleet includes 175 different access platforms from small scissor lifts to large truck-mounted lifts.

A decade of strong growth

Jalo & Jalo began its expansion in 2012 when we acquired the access platform rental company Ristokari Oy. The acquisition broadened our product offering by 120 different access platforms. In 2014, we expanded to central Finland through the acquisition of Kymppinostot Oy in Jyväskylä.

We acquired the access platform business of Havator Oy, the largest corporate acquisition at the time for our company, in 2015. Our next significant acquisition took place in 2017 when we took on the 30–80-metre truck-mounted lift business of Janneniska Oy. As a continuation of this acquisition, we bought all of Janneniska Oy’s and Bladefence Oy’s over 80-metre truck-mounted lifts in 2021.

We began our global expansion in 2020 when we bought Sweden’s largest truck-mounted lift company Stockholms Höjdliftar AB.

Quality and environmental policies

For us at Jalo & Jalo, quality means that a product or service corresponds to client’s expectations, demands, and needs, and products and services are provided within an agreed time frame.

Our environmental policy entails recognizing our environmental impact and protecting the environment in all possible ways.

  1. We do what we promise.
  2. We only promise what we can deliver.
  3. Our products and services are high-quality, safe, and predictable.
  4. Our competent and motivated personnel is the foundation of our operations.
  5. We aim for our operations to have a positive effect on our client’s business.
  6. We are committed to our quality policy and expect the same from our partners.
  7. We constantly develop our operations based on internal and external feedback and on the changes in the operating environment.

For us to offer the best possible service to our clients, our personnel must be well acquainted with them and their needs. We know where our services are being used and we constantly aim to produce new and better products and services.

Our management is committed to fulfilling all legal and quality system requirements, constantly improving our operations, and communicating about them to the personnel and the important stakeholders. The management has approved the values and goals stated here and is committed to them.

We are also an ISO 9001 certified company.

ISO 9001

Our vision

Our vision is to be the Nordic leader in access platforms.

We will attain our vision through high-quality services and products, which enable us to have a positive impact on our customers’ and partners’ businesses.

In order to serve our customers to the best of our ability, we need to know them and their needs as well as possible. We know where our services are needed and we work tirelessly to bring new and better products and services to our customers.

We serve our customers in all matters related to access platforms, but our core expertise lies in renting truck-mounted lifts with a driver. Access platforms supplied without a driver are also part of our core business, such as boom lifts, scissor lifts and trailer-mounted MEWPs.

Our values


  • We persistently build our company to reach our goals, bearing in mind our personnel’s well-being and the long-term objectives of our customers and other stakeholders.
  • We aspire to take good care of our personnel and to keep employee turnover at a minimum.

Customer focus

  • We take our customers’ long-term goals and needs into account and seek to develop our operations to serve them better.
  • Our aim is to make the customer experience as high-quality, safe and predictable as possible.


  • We only promise what we can deliver.
  • We walk the talk.
  • We are open and honest.

Our references

Kreate Oy

Bridge repair work
Vuonteensalmi bridge, Laukaa.

Infraroad Oy

Replacement of sign gantries
Tuusulan väylä

Hartwall Areena

Maintenance of illuminated signs

Saumasto Oy

Hyvinkään Kirkko

Insinööritoimisto Conditio Oy

Condition inspections

Brändäämö Oy

Work on illuminated signs

Valomainosasennus Oy

Work on illuminated signs
Mall of Tripla, Helsinki

Delecon Oy

Pest control 

Ramboll Oy

Vesijärven satama-alueen piipun kuntotutkimus

Winclean Oy

Window cleaning

Contesta Oy


Hartawall Areena

Valomainoksien huoltoa