Opening a new depot to Gothenburg

Jalo & Jalo subsidiary company Svenska Höjdliftar has opened a new depot to Gothenburg. We operate all around Sweden and with the help of the new Gothenburg depot in address Bönekullevägen 8, 417 46 Göteborg, we can serve our customers better in the western and southern parts of Sweden. More information and the equipment list … Read more

Opening a new depot to Vaasa

Jalo & Jalo has opened a new depot to Vaasa in address Vasaratie 13, Vaasa. With the help of the new depot, we can serve our customers better in the Ostrobothnia region. The Vaasa depot is now the seventh depot around Finland with facilities where we can operate and cover the whole Finland.

Head for heights?

Jalo & Jalo is looking for operators to our truck-mounted aerial platforms to support the increasing demand in wind power and other projects. We are a family owned and family run company with 50 years of operating history in truck-mounted aerial platforms. Our area of service covers the whole Europe with majority of operations located … Read more

Jalo & Jalo and Stockholms Höjdliftar merged together

Nostolava-auto Jalo & Jalo Oy and SHL AB have merged together to form a new accessplatform group in Scandinavia. Together the companies can cover all Nordic countries. The newly formed merger makes the company unit amount of 55 access platforms through Finland and Sweden.  Via this purchase company can spread its operational area in Scandinavia. … Read more